Rose Champagne – Vintage Glass and Hand Dyed Silk Necklace


Love makes people do weird things. While travelling through the Romanian mountains on a supply voyage we came across a particularly whimsical shopkeeper who sold us this beautiful pendant after telling us a story about Love Won and Love Lost in the French court of the Early 17th Century. He was a little fuzzy on the details, but he told a great story about passionate lovers, a forbidden affair, a royal scandal, and a priceless gem being smuggled out of the country hidden in a pie.

We’re not saying this necklace is made with -that- particular priceless gem, but who are we to call such a charming vendor a liar?*

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This pendant is a one of a kind design. It’s made with vintage glass faceted stone, a vintage setting, and hand dyed silk ribbon to ensure that it’s a piece to be treasured and worn with delight.

Due to the nature of how the ribbon was dyed, there are flaws, slight imperfections, and creases in the dye and the ribbon. This is intentional as it gives the piece an antiquated and heirloom look. Also, as this is a hand dyed product, some transference of dye to skin or clothes IS possible and it’s recommended that you avoid getting the ribbon wet or sprayed with anything like perfumes or mists. We have done our best to wash out excess dye but we cannot guarantee that sweat or perfume will not cause the silk to bleed dye a little bit.

Fits roughly 15 inches around the neck. 

Handmade by The Renfield Trading Co.




*We are a company that encourages whimsy and imagination with our products. Please understand that some parts of our product descriptions are purely for entertainment purposes only and they are not intended to be taken seriously or accurately in their portrayal of whimsical or fictional backstories. We don’t really infuse our products with magic, we don’t really time travel, we have not stolen priceless gems from dragons, etc. Our more fanciful descriptions are meant to entertain only, and we hope you enjoy them just for that.

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