A Song for the Sea – Sterling Silver Pendant, Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl Necklace


They say mysterious creatures from the watery depths used to lure men to their doom with their beautiful songs. Captains would run their ships against the rocks for a glimpse of them, sailors would leap into the icy cold oceans to swim out to them, their call was irresistible. Rumor has it that this necklace was stolen by treasure hunters from an underwater trove, does it still hold some of that charming magic within?*

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Handcrafted by The Renfield Trading Co. These are some incredibly beautiful freshwater pearls. The size of these pearls are both generous and eye catching while remaining tasteful and elegant. The sterling silver pendant features a beautiful design framing a delicate stone and four more pearls hang from it’s base. It’s the perfect gift for someone in need of some elegant fantasy in their wardrobe or perhaps even someone with a bit of mermaid in their soul.

Uses freshwater dyed pearls and a .925 Silver pendant with faceted amethyst stone.

Because the pearls are dyed, caution is urged when wearing them while applying cosmetic products such as perfumes, sunscreens, etc to reduce the chances of dye leeching.

Fits about 15.5″ around the neck.




*We are a company that encourages whimsy and imagination with our products. Please understand that some parts of our product descriptions are purely for entertainment purposes only and they are not intended to be taken seriously or accurately in their portrayal of whimsical or fictional backstories. We don’t really infuse our products with magic, we don’t really time travel, we have not stolen priceless gems from dragons, etc. Our more fanciful descriptions are meant to entertain only, and we hope you enjoy them just for that.

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