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Throwback Thursday – Neo-Historical Harley Quinn and Joker

Full disclosure: I Am Not A Cosplayer.

So admittedly, I’m not very good at Cosplay. However this costume set was born out of a last minute necessity for something to wear while judging at a costuming contest so I was trying to make us fit in. They were a fun little rush project to wear for the weekend and we had a good time in them.

And before anyone jumps on me for it: Yes, the eras don’t match. Harley Quinn is obviously Neo-Victorian and the Joker is clearly 16th Century in style. I did not have the time to make the undergarments for a Neo-Elizabethan Harley so we worked with what I had.

Admittedly, and with a great deal of jealousy, the Joker Costume was by far the more quality garment. It got the full royal treatment with purple, orange, and teal silk. 

Yes, at 2am in the morning my studio IS allowed to get messy.

We were kind of channeling the Jack Nicholson joker with our colour choices and even when not used as a Cosplay piece I find the suit quite lovely. Lined with linen and interlined with cotton means the suit is actually fairly comfy. Intentionally, the suit was made in such a way that without the make up and green hair, the suit could easily work for any 16th C style historical outing. If you want to make a similar outfit – we adapted Margo Anderson’s Men’s wardrobe for the doublet and venetian trousers.

The Harley Quin on the otherhand is mostly polyester duchesse satin. Which means by the end of the first day I was cooking in my own sweat. The colours and textures are lovely – but this isn’t an outfit I would want to wear much in the summer. The patterns come from Truly Victorian. I used their early bustle skirt pattern and their polonaise pattern – splitting it up the back and adjusting colours as needed.

Overall it was a quick and dirty sort of fun project- but one that I’m still quite fond of today.
Thanks for reading!