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Broken Iron Blues – Elizabeth’s Garden Gown Rush Job Part 1

Well, my snazzy new(ish) iron bit the dust tonight. I bought it last year and it was a really nice iron. But a few minutes into using it tonight it went Katput. 🙁 Tonight is not a good night for that to happen, because I’m in rush mode. We need to get a new day gown done for Ashley AND a new pair of trousers made for Andrew before next weekend arrives. Andrew’s current trousers are a bit too snug around the thighs for a weekend of work and Ashley, being new to the model team, only has a ball gown in her wardrobe right now and a trained skirt just isn’t the best idea for a convention. So I’m kind of rushed right now.

She’s getting the “Elizabeth’s Garden Gown” that I designed for a cancelled photobook project. It’s featuring green and white striped cotton in a bustle skirt and a polonaise – something comfortable and ruffly to wear that won’t be nearly so hazardous as her gala gown was.

Unfortunatly – my iron died 2 meters into pressing 15 meters of striped cotton. 🙁 
It looked like my night was over – but behold! I was recently given my great grandmother’s antique iron! Problem solved! I’m back in business until I can pick up a new steam iron tomorrow.
So it takes a little longer to heat up and it doesn’t blow out steam – but in a pinch to press some cotton? It was just what I needed. 

So hopefully tomorrow I can finish prepping the fabric, get it cut, and get Ashley a new outfit done this weekend.